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Australia's Drought of Faith

...a drought of faith!

1 in 8 don’t even believe Jesus of Nazareth ever existed!* This is despite there being more hard evidence that Jesus lived than Julius Caesar did—and no one doubts the latter.

But here’s the good news!

We’re delighted that another recent survey has shown Vision listeners are bucking this trend and moving closer

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The Shield of Faith - by Chuck Missler

Understanding the Armour of God

‘Having taken up the shield of faith... you will be able to put out all the flaming arrows of the evil one.’ Ephesians 6:16 ISV

The Roman shield was typically curved laminate wood strips, covered with leather and designed to protect the warrior from arrows and javelins.

If it had any damage, survival would depend upon fixing it before entering battle—certainly not during!

Are there any ‘holes’ in your shield of faith? When is the proper time to repair it? You are already on enemy turf!

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Bringing Hope in Blacktown

SBS's Struggle Street* is wrong!

There is real hope in Blacktown! Of the twenty suburbs in Ward 5 of Blacktown City Council, fourteen are dominated by public housing. Blocks of units are set aside for prisoners when they first get out of jail. Local councillor Jacqueline Donaldson admits:

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Supporting Christians in the Asia Pacific the Asia Pacific Region!

What an overwhelming response! We are still amazed at the generous response of Aussies to our Mother's Day appeal for mums in Vanuatu. Over 600 mums who lost almost everything in Cyclone Pam will receive a Pamper Pack containing 'luxuries' like toothpaste, soap, seeds and towels. Thank you to everyone who responded. We were particularly touched by those

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Mulan Update

Communities Nationwide!

Back in February 2013, we reported on the transformation of a tiny desert community on the edge of the east Kimberley region. Shirley Brown had approached Chariots of Fire about partnering with UCB to bring Vision to Mulan. It was her hope that Christian radio would be a catalyst in reducing

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My husband has been diagnosed with cancer and while we were on holidays I found this devotional in the local tourist information centre! I found that it was so inspirational and helpful. MT READ MORE

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