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UCB Today

For up-to-date news on the different ministry arms of UCB, there's no better source than UCB Today.

Published about five times each year, it contains ministry articles, upcoming events including the visits of international speakers, new Vision stations, product specials at UCB Direct and information on our engagement with new technologies.

It also features reports on different aspects of UCB: the Vision Radio Network, The Word for Today, word4U2day, PrayForMe and UCB Direct. As we grow and expand the range of media through which we connect with our supporters, we keep you informed through the UCB Today newsletter. If you live in Australia and you'd like to receive UCB Today in the post, give our friendly staff a call on 1800 00 777 0. It's free!

Check out the Product of the Month for specials on ministry resources. There are always great deals to be had from UCB Direct.




When I was 18, I was looking for a station with godly music and came across Vision. I love listening to it; I have grown so much spiritually through the teaching. KT READ MORE

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