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Mobile AppDownload our FREE App now!

It is available now as a free download for iPhone/iPad, Android and Windows Phone!

You can now listen to Vision and selected podcasts, read and listen to The Word for Today, read word4U2day, and a whole heap more all within the new UCB Australia App.

The app is packed with features. Besides Vision's live stream and podcasts, you can read today's The Word for Today devotional, search for another and favourite you... well your favourites.  Keep up to date with our various blogs and UCB News newsfeed, discover or re-listen to lots of our content on demand. You can use your device's GPS to find your nearest station, read the Bible or listen to an audio version, send in your prayer request watch our videos and lots more! Full details are on the description pages in the app stores.
Download the free UCB & Vision radio app from your app store here:
app-store    google-play    windows-phone

Note! Our App requires a data connection to work and will use your data quota from your phone plan or, if you are connected through WiFi, from your Internet connection. Please ensure that you have sufficient quota on your data plan before connecting to any Internet Stream in order to avoid any nasty surprises on your bill. 


Other Smartphone options...

Symbian (Nokia)

As the market is moving away from this operating system, we do not plan to develop a specific app for it, however Vision is listed in Nokia's 'Internet Radio' app. Here's how:

  • In the Ovi Store, search for Internet Radio (or just click on this link)
  • Install & launch the app, then browse for 'Vision Radio Network'
Feel free to give us any feedback on your experience - including where in the world you are using our App. We'd love to hear from you!

Feedback we've received...

I'm loving the new UCB/Vision app! I'm finding more & more bits - like unpacking it all ...thank you so much!
Very well organised- loads of content! ????? by Flic Cassidy
I've been hoping an app for Vision radio would be written- this one exceeds my expectations- simple to use, clear menus and heaps of content. I love it! Next I'd like to see an app for UCB Direct so I can purchase resources on my phone.

Song list! by Amz05
Awesome app, just got it. Heard a song on Vision that I liked but didn't know so went to 'songs recently played' and found it!

Best app ever ????? by Kiwi girl in hillside
Thanks vision radio. I have been waiting for this app to come out. Thanks heaps. :)

Fantastic!! by m0j0e

PERFECT APP! by Philymabob
This is the perfect way to start the day, able to read your devotions from your phone if you forget your word4u2day booklet! Thankyou!!

Jodie - Samsung Galaxy Tab
Fantastic!! I can take my favourite radio network everywhere. Thank U, UCB!!

bobb - HTC Desire (bravo)
HTC Desire

Kaz - Samsung Galaxy S2
Aussie Christians on Facebook Fantastic.

Alysson - Samsung Galaxy S2
Samsung G S2 Awesome.

Phil - Samsung Galaxy S2
Lots of features Love it.

just wanted to say I love love love the UCB app!! It rocks big time! My husband reminded me that I could put my iphone in the ipod dock and run it from there too - even better! Now the whole house can hear the great music!


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