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...to your mailbox!

The latest edition of The Word for Today is about to be posted. Our wonderful team of volunteers will soon be packing nearly a hundred thousand copies of this popular devotional for mailing. So if you've changed your address in the last few months, please let us know straight away. It's important we know your address changes

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Superbook is changing the lives of children around the world. It's not only presenting the truths of Scripture to them in a visual feast of colour and cartoon but enabling them to share the Gospel with their friends! Season 1 is now released across Australia and NZ, so we're celebrating with a special deal.

Meet 'Vision Christian Media' - the new name for UCB Australia.

We're simplifying things to make it easier to share the truth and hope of God’s word with more people. Our dream of Christian media for every Australian does not change, nor does our commitment to sharing the truth and hope of God's word across Australia.

The Middle East is a crucible for conflict

In recent times things have escalated with ripples being felt even in Australia. Is what we are seeing foretold in the pages of scripture? Dr Kameel Majdali is the Director of Teach All Nations. His insights will help you understand what’s happening in the world today and why. Like the ‘sons of Issachar,’

...on Laif 98.3FM

In canoes, jungle huts and houses overhanging the river, the 'sounds of truth and life for Kapuna' are bringing big smiles to all the locals of the Gulf Province of PNG. Laif FM 98.3 Kapuna is a a tiny radio station in a backpack: the music and teaching is prerecorded and loaded up to provide a few

...during the trip of a lifetime!

Journey with Vision Christian Media to Israel this October for the Isaiah 62 tour: His Land, His People. Feel the heartbeat of the land where Jesus changed the course of history - where He was born and lived, and died, and rose again. Join the pilgrimage hosted by Ian and



I have been a Christian for one year and listening to the Word of God being preached on Vision has transformed my life. JW READ MORE


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