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Real Stories - Real People

Thank you for your gifts of love! Look at the difference you're making all across Australia and beyond...

'I was in prison and you came...' Matthew 25:36 NIV
"Your devotional The Word for Today helped and consoled me through some very tough times in prison. Please keep up the good work in providing this publication for free in what is a very dark place. You would be surprised how many inmates turn to this publication in the quiet of their cells, although they would probably never admit it!" LP
"I have just been released from a four-year prison term. Three years ago or so a chaplain gave me my first copy of The Word for Today. As I read each day's message it seemed as if it was prepared with me in mind. You would amazed at the number of times it addressed the very issue that I was facing. Now that I am out and have access to email, please continue to feed my soul through this wonderful ministry. God only knows what a blessing you have been to me."
'I was sick and you looked after Me...' Matthew 25:36 NIV
"I was suffering from panic/anxiety attacks and I started listening to Vision. A story that stood out to me was 'Jesus calms the storm.' I love your modern music and have been inspired ever since. Our Lord Jesus Christ has been healing me each day and I am so grateful to Him and all your team at UCB. God bless." MG
"A young man often comes and tells me about his problems with depression and loneliness. I finally gave him a Vision card and a PrayForMe (now Vision Christian Prayer) card. He texted me the next day and thanked me for them and is now beginning to ask me about my faith in Jesus." BZ
'...go and make disciples of all nations... teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.' Matthew 28:19-20 NIV
"Your radio station is such a blessing to our small country community. Great teachings, inspirational music and messages of hope for all mankind." JK
"Sometimes I have the radio on when I am doing my housework. I find myself sitting on the bed during the show 20/20, crying and listening to the amazing testimonies of how people have come to know God and how wonderful their lives have became because He has stepped into their lives. Thanks for enriching everyone's lives in this country." CW
"As a geologist who works in the mining sector, I am away from my home church for all the days I am at work. I thank you for the station here as it is my spiritual food while away, and at the exploration sites it is often too far for the signal to reach, I pick it up on the way back." MC
"Vision kept me going when I was travelling around Australia with work. It was my lifeline during a very dark period of my life. Thank you guys for all your faithful work in broadcasting God's word."


My husband has been diagnosed with cancer and while we were on holidays I found this devotional in the local tourist information centre! I found that it was so inspirational and helpful. MT READ MORE