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I was really digging my own grave...

'I’d been stealing, doing drugs, living a promiscuous life... I was just sad and lost.' 'Vision has a part to play in my healing journey. A couple of years ago, I heard Bronwen Healy from the Hope Foundation interviewed on Vision. I’ve been receiving support from them for the last two years.

Thank you!

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who donated during Visionathon to help us continue to spread the Good News of Jesus across Australia. It's not too late to join those 1742 gift-givers and make it possible for lives to be transformed as we give hope, together. Through more than 600 stations, the Vision radio app and VAST channel 613, as

The latest edition of The Word for Today...

...has another three months of refreshing encouragement and challenge from Bob and Debby Gass to charge up your day by focusing on the Lord of each day. We usually run out of copies of each edition very quickly each quarter. If you've recently changed your address, please let us know

The Word for Today Hits New High

In the only Hindu kingdom in the world it was forbidden to preach the Gospel until just 8 years ago. So it’s a huge thrill for us here at UCB Australia to have helped The Message of Hope (Christian Radio Ministry) in the nation of Nepal to bring out their very first edition of The Word for Today.

Join our Prayer Watchman Team

Prayer support is vital to the effectiveness of our ministry. Ephesians 6:12 reminds us our battle is a spiritual one and Philippians 4:6 says we are to make our requests known to God, with thanksgiving. This important Scripture applies just as much to UCB as it

Historic Milestone

600th Vision station installed

Just over 15 years from the time the first Vision relay station went on in the rural township of Beaudesert, Queensland, the 600th relay station has been installed. It's a high-powered AM station in the Western Plains of NSW, covering the city of Dubbo. At the top of the band on 1629 AM, the transmission covers a wide radio 'footprint' across the Orana region.

For more information on Vision Dubbo 1629 AM, click here.

We're thrilled to be able to welcome new listeners from Dubbo, as well as ten other recent additions to the Vision family:

  • Vision Donnybrook 88.0 FM
  • Vision Wedderburn 88.0 FM
  • Vision Yealering 88.0 FM
  • Vision Taroom 87.6 FM
  • Vision Deepwater 87.6 FM
  • Vision Merimbula 87.6 FM
  • Vision Chidlow 87.6 FM
  • Vision Camperdown 87.6 FM
  • Vision Wannanup 87.6 FM
  • Vision Harvey 88.0 FM

A big thanks to all our supporters who have been the faithful enablers of our vision for Trusted Christian for Every Australian.



My husband has been diagnosed with cancer and while we were on holidays I found this devotional in the local tourist information centre! I found that it was so inspirational and helpful. MT READ MORE

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